All PlateFinders Updated during Previous Month

During the month of August, iAppWriters updated all the PlateFinders. Here is what we did to the U.S. state PlateFinders:

  • Updated the apps to the iOS 7 “look” (just in time for iOS 8 to be released in September).
  • Improved the legibility of the introduction page (viewed by touching “Intro” or “Erklärung” buttons on the main page) by adding full support for HTML5.
  • Fixed minor bugs

The German PlateFinder (Deutscher Schildfinder) now works on iPad. It has had more downloads than all the other PlateFinders combined. (Also noteworthy, the German language version–Deutscher Schildfinder–has had more downloads than all other apps combined!)
We continue to work on the German PlateFinder
We’re contemplating enhancements for the PlateFinders, as well as our next apps. If you have a burning desire for us to add a feature, feel free to contact or tweet us at @iAppWriters.
We appreciate your interest in our apps!