Yesterday while stopped at a traffic light, I noticed an Alabama license plate directly in front of me. Realizing that this was a “slow” light and remembering that iOS 5 gives quick access to the camera, I:

  1. Pressed the Home button twice
  2. Touched the camera button
  3. Pointed the iPhone at the vehicle in front of me
  4. Pressed the increase-volume button


Then I put the iPhone back into my pocket and waited another minute for the light to change.

Returning home, I opened Alabama Platefinder and learned that Alabama license plate numbers that begin with “63” are from Tuscaloosa. I also learned that

  • Tuscaloosa County is named in honor of the pre-Choctaw chief Tuskaloosa
  • Tuscaloosa County is Alabama’s second-largest in area and sixth-largest in population.
  • the county seat, Tuscaloosa, was the state capital from 1826 to 1845.

… as well as numerous other interesting trivia.