New Search, New Database: Schildfinder 2.3

The latest version of German PlateFinder/Schildfinder addresses some long-standing complaints/suggestions we’ve  received from users:

  1. Inaccurate/outdated information
  2. Inability to limit search to codes (license-plate prefixes)

The latest version of German PlateFinder addresses both of those issues:

New Database

Notable improvements include:

  • Updated license plate prefix information
  • More accurate GPS coordinates
  • Inclusion of district capitals
  • Derivation of the codes. (This is particularly useful when the code has no apparent relation to the present-day locale it maps to.)

Improved Search

For the first time, you have the choice of searching for either

  • place names, OR
  • codes

Send requests for  further improvements to

Download the latest version at the iOS App Store.