Schildfinder (German PlateFinder) 2.0 released

Yesterday the App Store approved version 2.0 of Deutscher Schildfinder (German PlateFinder), released in both German and English. (For iOS devices with German as the primary language, the app appears in German (named Schildfinder); for other languages, the app uses English and is called German PlateFinder.

Version 2.0 runs universally on all iOS devices, from the iPhone up to and including the largest iPad. On iPads and iPhone 6+ and 6s+, the app appears with a split view when in landscape mode. The table of codes and places appears as a popover on those devices when in portrait mode.


For the first time, Wikipedia pages use the new Safari view, with options to bookmark, print, share on social media—everything that the iOS Safari browser supports.

Work is underway on a “plus” version of Schildfinder/German PlateFinder. Thank you for your patience.

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