What’s a PlateFinder Good For?

When I tell people about the seven PlateFinder apps we’ve written for iOS, they always ask, “What’s a PlateFinder good for? Is it for spying on people and learning all about their identify?”

I tell them “No.”

Certain states in the U.S. and some countries (Germany, for example) include codes in vehicle license plates that tell what county or other government body issued the license plate. This is helpful for the curious ones among us who may wonder where a car we see on the road is from (or, at least, where they used to be from, at the time they licensed the car.)

Of the seven PlateFinders written so far, the German PlateFinder (available in German as Deutscher Schildfinder) is by the far the most involved. The first version had more than 400 codes; the current version has over 600 … and there are likely still some missing ones. It has both English and German language versions.

The six U.S. state Platefinders are;

  1. Idaho PlateFinder
  2. Wyoming PlateFinder
  3. South Dakota PlateFinder
  4. Montana PlateFinder
  5. Alabama PlateFinder
  6. Ohio PlateFinder

Do you know of more? (We do, … and we might make some more.)

We have plans for enhancing the current PlateFinders, as well as writing more. Also completely different apps.

Check back from time to time if you’re interested.