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Montana PlateFinder

Montana PlateFinder is the 4th in our series of iPhone Apps for states that use license plate prefixes to  identify the county that issued the plate.

Montana has been using county license plate prefixes since 1936. ¬†Numbers were assigned to counties based on population in about 1930, from most populous (Silver Bow County–county seat: Butte) to least populous (Lincoln County–county seat: Libby). (The codes first used in 1936 are still used today, even though the population rankings have changed.) If you know the county numbers, you can identify the county that issued most Montana plates. (Exceptions include personalized and special issue plates, for example.)

On many of the plates, a silhouette of a bison skull separates the county prefix from the remainder of the plate number. The county number is frequently followed immediately by an alphabetic letter.

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