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Yesterday while stopped at a traffic light, I noticed an Alabama license plate directly in front of me. Realizing that this was a “slow” light and remembering that iOS 5 gives quick access to the camera, I:

  1. Pressed the Home button twice
  2. Touched the camera button
  3. Pointed the iPhone at the vehicle in front of me
  4. Pressed the increase-volume button

Then I put the iPhone back into my pocket and waited another minute for the light to change.

Returning home, I opened Alabama Platefinder and learned that Alabama license plate numbers that begin with “63” are from Tuscaloosa. I also learned that

  • Tuscaloosa County is named in honor of the pre-Choctaw chief Tuskaloosa
  • Tuscaloosa County is Alabama’s second-largest in area and sixth-largest in population.
  • the county seat, Tuscaloosa, was the state capital from 1826 to 1845.

… as well as numerous other interesting trivia.

Alabama PlateFinder

Released this past week, Alabama PlateFinder is the 5th in our series of iPhone Apps for states that use license plate prefixes to  identify the county that issued the plate.

Alabama began using numeric license plate prefixes in 1955. Codes 1 through 3 correspond to the three most populous counties in 1955: Jefferson County (county seat Birmingham), Mobile County (county seat Mobile), and Montgomery County (county seat Montgomery–the state capital). The remaining 64 codes are assigned to counties alphabetically. The motto “Heart of Dixie” has appeared on most Alabama license plates since 1955, and a heart has appeared somewhere on the plate.

It is worth noting that St. Clair County has two county seats. (It is the only county with two fully functional county seats–at least, in the five PlateFinder apps released so far.)

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