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Schildfinder (German PlateFinder) 2.0 released

Yesterday the App Store approved version 2.0 of Deutscher Schildfinder (German PlateFinder), released in both German and English. (For iOS devices with German as the primary language, the app appears in German (named Schildfinder); for other languages, the app uses English and is called German PlateFinder.

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Updated German PlateFinder (Deutscher Schildfinder) Released Today

Release 1.5.1 of German PlateFinder (Deutscher Schildfinder for devices with primary language set to German) was released today.

This version increases the 408 license plate codes to 668. The majority of the new codes are for cities and towns that have their own license plate prefixes.
Please submit requests for additional codes and enhancements to
We hope you enjoy the new version!

More Codes for the German PlateFinder/Deutscher Schildfinder

During the past year we’ve received periodic reports about missing license plate codes. We’ve responded by adding those codes.

This month we decided to dig deeper so look for additional codes.
We’ve found a large number of additional codes, and are currently adding them to the App. (We’re currently adding new codes that begin with “H”.)  Hopefully you’ll see a new version of the App within the next two weeks or so.
Thanks for feedback about the German PlateFinder (Deutscher Schildfinder on iOS devices with German as the default language). It is our most popular “PlateFinder”–by far. (The German language version of the App has more downloads than all other PlateFinders combined.)

German PlateFinder/Deutscher Schildfinder for iPad

Last week a new version of the bilingual German PlateFinder – Deutscher Schildfinder appeared on the iOS App Store. This is the first iPad version of our most popular app for identifying license plates–in Germany. (During the past six months, customers have downloaded more German PlateFinder apps than all our other PlateFinders together! … and most of the downloads are the German-language version.)

The Montana PlateFinder is our second most popular PlateFinder. Watch for a new version of that app “real soon now.”

Search Bar for German PlateFinder/Deutscher Schildfinder

Note the new search bar at the top of the screen

The German PlateFinder (also available in German as Deutscher Schildfinder to iOS devices with German as their default language) now sports a search bar! Hopefully this will help you locate that elusive license plate code that defies discovery! (The German PlateFinder has more than 400 codes found on present-day license plates in Germany.)

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German PlateFinder / Deutscher Schildfinder Released This Week

Three days ago our latest iPhone app in the “PlateFinder” series appeared in the iPhone App Store. The German PlateFinder (Deutscher Schildfinder in German)┬áis our most aggressive undertaking thus far. Here are a few highlights:

  • If your iOS device’s default language (in Settings) is German, the entire app appears in German. For other languages, the interface defaults to English
  • All 451 of the current location codes that appear on German license plates appear in the app.
  • In order to facilitate the location of a given code, an index appears at the right-hand side of the main view.
  • (Yes, there are plans to add a search bar at the top of the main view, to facilitate searches for specific locations and codes.)
  • Like our other PlateFinder apps, this one is free.
This is our first venture in internationalized apps. Please send suggestions, feedback, complaints and bug reports to