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What’s Coming Next?

In case you’re wondering what’s next from us, we’ll mention in general terms what to expect:

  1. By the end of 2015 we hope to release a new German PlateFinder with expanded capabilities.
  2. Shortly thereafter, look for yet another app–this one not a PlateFinder.

That’s all we can say at the moment.

More later …

All PlateFinders Updated during Previous Month

During the month of August, iAppWriters updated all the PlateFinders. Here is what we did to the U.S. state PlateFinders:

  • Updated the apps to the iOS 7 “look” (just in time for iOS 8 to be released in September).
  • Improved the legibility of the introduction page (viewed by touching “Intro” or “Erklärung” buttons on the main page) by adding full support for HTML5.
  • Fixed minor bugs

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All Apps Updated for iPhone 5

All our apps now support the iPhone 5’s larger display! Be sure to update them if you own earlier versions.

Additionally, we’ve fixed autorotation bugs in the South Dakota and Montana PlateFinders. Let us know if you find other bugs.
We’re working on a new app. (We’ll let you know when it is released …)

Thank You, Steve Jobs! We Miss you!

It was raining outside when we received the news that Steve Jobs passed away today. Thanks, Steve, for your contributions to our lives through your innovative creativity at Apple!

It was good to see you at WWDC in June. We missed you at the iPhone announcement two days ago. We’ll continue to miss you.

Best wishes … until we meet again!